Article 3

PerData: “through information”, a new era awaits

PerData speaks to the language of business transformation.
Just as technology continues to evolve, so are we.
For those of you who may have seen the PerData brand for the first time this month, let me assure you we are no overnight success.

Before cutting over to the new PerData brand on Apil 15, we were known as ITeM Group, a name we carried since our inception in 1998.

Twenty-six years ago, we were a management team of two (plus contractors) providing one IT support service.

Today we have grown substantially, providing more than 10 different IT support streams, with multiple technology partners in Australia and abroad.

Just as technology continues to evolve, so are we; hence the decision to change to PerData.

After 26 years, we’ve retired the ITeM Group brand in favour of a new name that reflects our energy and vision for data solutions in the future.

Because like the success we achieved with the former brand, we believe the next chapter of our story also needs to evolve.

Translated from its Latin roots as “through information”, PerData speaks to the language of business transformation.

But it also honours our history as the technology partner of some of Australia’s most recognisable brands such as Lendlease, Keyton, Scope Healthcare and Carpet Court.

For more than a quarter of a century, we have been the experts at turning data into actionable insights.

And that’s never going to change, except to get better, and continuously improve.

As the roll-out of our brand change goes forward, we’re adding new products and services, such as a new Managed Services stream, Helpdesk Support, Power BI training courses for people with varying skill levels and responsibilities, and a dedicated focus on Enterprise Architecture.

While we have a new brand, with new logo and colours, the move to PerData is so much more than a cosmetic change.

The way a company presents itself is just as important as what it delivers. People are attracted to certain brands, whether they be customers or the people looking to contribute their knowledge and services.

We bring substance and style to the table, and that will hold us in good stead as we recruit the best IT talent to our teams in a highly competitive field.

We now have a brand that suits the times and our operating environment. It aligns with who we are now and the business we continue to develop for the future.

It is not change for change’s sake, but a change made with the needs of today’s businesses at its heart, and we don’t intend to miss a beat.