Power BI

Make your Business Intelligence more visible.
Power BI
Azure Fabric
Microsoft Power Platform
Azure Data Factory
Custom Software
Data made usable.

Act with conviction on trusted data

Comprehensively integrate all data

Dynamic dashboards for data display

Share and collaborate on data in teams

Use machine learning and AI insights

Save time on excessive data collation

Users made powerful.

Transform complex data into visual intel

Intuitive drag-and-drop interface

Natural language queries integrated

Users directly access meaningful data

Avoid needing IT specialists for reports

Rapid reporting for fast decision-making

Expansion made possible.

Part of the Microsoft fabric in the cloud

Architected for wide & easy integration

Universal support reduces ‘key-man’ risk

Predictably low and scaling license costs

Upgrades seamlessly, with no outages

Abundant training for user ‘hypercare’


Power BI unlocks the actionable intelligence that drives competitive advantage. "

Matthew Brown