Make your data systems more evolvable.
Power BI
Azure Fabric
Microsoft Power Platform
Azure Data Factory
Custom Software
Data made storable

Lower cost, reliable tool with full features

Consistency far superior to spreadsheets

Set and forget approval workflows

Reduced need for technical data work

Validation rules eliminate human errors

Create and integrate trusted data source

Data made usable.

Dimensionally model data schemas

Automate and accelerate writing code

Rapidly standardise code amongst teams

Accelerate data warehouse building

Built-in DevOps life-cycle feature

Secure and standardised code creation

Data made manageable.

Real-time data monitoring and alerts

Data QA through cleansing & validation

Robust security & compliance protocols

Metadata tracking & audit management

Version management for pipelines

Service health and disruption alerts


We built Unify to integrate and orchestrate data powerfully and efficiently. "

Pradeep Ahuja