Carpet Court

This $200M national franchise giant made its data systems more formidable.

PowerBI and custom apps to make national franchisees more empowerable.
When Carpet Court’s 200 franchisors needed better visibility, reporting and purchasing power.
Carpet Court is an instantly recognisable Australian brand, built on a successful franchise model which sees 200+ stores supported by head office for stock planning, marketing, and purchasing.
Its emphasis on flexibility and franchisee empowerment had made for strong growth, but with franchisees choosing their own financial and core service software, Carpet Court’s ability to leverage data was a constraint that limited both efficiency and transformation.
When a new and rare breed of CFO arrived with an unusually firm grip on the possibilities of driving profit using modern data systems, Carpet Court called in PerData.
PerData built a data warehouse with PowerBI and custom software development.
PerData began by working closely with Carpets Court’s C-suite and leadership, running workshops to first understand the complex business processes and desired future states. High level database planning was rolled out, with wireframes and workflow diagrams mapping access requirements, complex financial flows, and configurations of credentials, tiers, and rule sets. PerData integrated 30+ conditionalities on pricing and supply, many with override criteria tied to specific suppliers and all with milestone flexibility, then integrated the thousands of possible permutations into a usable, generic rule sets to fit the business. PerData built the data warehouse backend, then layered PowerBI on top, then built custom integrations for rebates in .NET, using using HTML, CSS and Angular for front end usability.
Then trained hundreds of franchise owners and staff in new benchmark and pricing capabilities.
In training franchisees and head office staff in the new system, PerData ran workshops and follow-up support to empower users to extract enormous ongoing value. Sales are tracked and reported real-time, anonymised cross-sector benchmarking is integrated, and patterns of seasonality are intelligible as never before. Cross-platform purchasing data is visible, so franchisees can negotiate more powerfully with suppliers, which is driving profitability and transformation. With transparency and powerful business intelligence at their disposal, an enhanced atmosphere of trust and appreciation permeates the already successful franchise culture at Carpet Court—and franchisees now craft custom reports.
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