This $8B company used custom software to make its conveyancing fees reducible.

Custom software to make legal fees on $0.5B in transactions reducible.
When Lendlease Retirement Living needed to reduce legal costs and tighten legal instructions.
With 30 years in the retirement living business, Australian construction giant Lendlease Retirement Living (LLRL) operates over 100 centres servicing nearly 10,000 residents.
Managing the conveyancing processes around the selling and purchase of properties was a major challenge, requiring additional staff, with any inaccuracies impacting legal complexity and cost.
LLRL relied on a variety of unintegrated software systems, both off the shelf and custom built, to manage their data. When they sought to reduce legal costs and amplify efficiencies harnessing emerging technology, they called on PerData.
PerData centralised its data storage and created a single sign-on web portal for all stakeholders.
PerData facilitated workshops with Board, C-suite and operational levels to fully understand desired future states, and harness integration opportunities presented by a data systems redesign. After a centralised database was planned to establish a single source of truth, a web-based portal was planned to allow all LLRL national offices to access a single source of truth for operational, regulatory and compliance data. The custom, cloud-based CRM system uses Microsoft SQL Server integration capabilities, with a custom-state workflow engine overlaid to empower user-driven report flexibility.
Which became the Legal On-Line portal, reducing legal costs during significant expansion.
The portal was named Legal On-Line, and allowed standard form-based authentication to regulate access by external users. Web services support B2B integration with LLRL’s contracted legal providers, with information shared securely and in a standardised manner between parties. The original ambition of reducing legals costs has been realised, with staff re-tasked away from addressing conveyancing errors, and huge efficiencies gained in legal communications. Training and support by PerData has led to all users reporting satisfaction with the solution, and has helped LLRL to process $0.5B in transactions through Legal On-Line, all while making cost reductions and efficiency gains.
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