This NDIS provider grew by 10x while making its business intel more leverageable.

Newly acquired datasets used to make service models rapidly evolvable.
When SCOPE faced new funding models, new acquisitions, and growth opportunity.
As a national disability services provider with a rich 75 year history of support, Scope was well positioned to tender for services under the recently introduced NDIS system—but it would take a rapid evolution of data architecture.
Before NDIS, disability funding was either programmatic, with annual or periodic applications and similarly cyclical reporting, with data usually handled in tranches.
NDIS turned that funding model on its head, with funding now following service users. This empowered service users to select their provider on a case-by-case basis, radically shaking up the effective share of programs amongst providers.
PerData worked to integrate 40 years of data—and recently acquired datasets and systems.
Success under NDIS required rapidly emerging models of service planning and reporting—and the agile data architecture and BI capacity to make that possible. Working at board and C-suite levels to understand the problems and opportunities, PerData discovered that a proactive acquisition strategy would be running concurrent to the project—and would demand a data restructure robust enough to integrate whole new datasets. PerData combed through and cleansed data, then built a new data warehouse structure with the flexibility to move with new funding and business models.
While updating BI for emerging business models, and training staff in new possibilities with data.
PerData shifted Scope from its limiting legacy model using YellowFin, to a more agile and user-empowering setup of PowerBI, then rapidly trained staff in its use to maximise impact. Armed with a new data warehouse and a rejuvenated PowerBi capability, Scope could access the standardised financial reporting to provide solid business intelligence—all while remaining responsive to vast numbers of novel requests that emerged from its rapid business model innovation. Newly empowered to design and create PowerBi reports from a single source of truth across entities, Scope staff leveraged their data for decision-making in finance, risk, and HR.
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