Azure Data Factory

Azure Data Factory

Make your data systems more orchestratable.
Power BI
Azure Fabric
Microsoft Power Platform
Azure Data Factory
Custom Software
Data made usable.

Automate data movement across sources

Hybrid cloud-based and local datasets

Efficiently cleanse and transform data

Real-time data insights and analytics

Visual design tools for ETL processes

Integration runtimes for strong flexibility

Data made scalable.

Server-less resources to scale computing

Scale structured and unstructured data

Apache Spark for large-scale processing

Data partitioning for parallel processing

Data compression reduces storage costs

Monitor and optimise data for economy

Data made manageable.

Real-time data monitoring and alerts

Data QA through cleansing & validation

Robust security & compliance protocols

Metadata tracking & audit management

Version management for pipelines

Service health and disruption alerts


Azure Data Factory brilliantly orchestrates complex data workflows "

Francois LeRoux