Azure Fabric

Azure Fabric

Make your data architecture more usable.
Power BI
Azure Fabric
Microsoft Power Platform
Azure Data Factory
Custom Software
Data made sharable.

Rapidly usable data insights on demand

Scale and secure your data warehousing

Streamline diverse data sources rapidly

Leverage AI & machine learning models

Seamlessly collaborate using data lakes

Share workspaces for collaboration

Data made intelligible.

Deep analysis of large, complex datasets

Rapid analysis of streaming datasets

Orchestrate and automate workflows

Automated data cleansing intelligence

Server-less, pay-as-you-query model

Pattern recognition to automate insights

Temporal queries for data ‘time-travel’

Data made scalable.

Save on costs with on-demand resources

Scale elastically with business rhythms

Pause and resume for cost efficiencies

Transform workflows by integrating data

Flexibly explore without constraint

Optimise query performance with AI


Where data meets intel, driving scalable, secure, and agile business solutions "

Rod Doyle