Make your data systems more intelligible.
Power BI
Azure Fabric
Microsoft Power Platform
Azure Data Factory
Custom Software
Data made visualisable.

Unified analytics with machine learning

Team data exploration with collaboration

Scalable data processing and analytics

Streamlined machine learning process

Comprehensive data discovery toolsets

Machine learning algorithm libraries

Data made integratable.

SQL, Python and Scala supported

Seamless data importing and exporting

Interactive data visualisation dashboards

Collaborative Jupyter notebooks

Ad-hoc inline code and graph analysis

Robust regulatory standards compliance

Data made scalable.

Server-less computing reduces costs

Flexibly scale resources up or down

Utilises BLOB storage for efficiency

Cluster automation optimises resources

Efficient, distributed computing power

Fault tolerance redundancy across nodes


Databricks ignites data, illuminates insights, and fuels innovation for businesses "

Matthew Brown